Ulf Ludzuweit:
From „Ren“ to „Eurasian Figure“
or from East to West:
The metamorphosis of the chinese letter "ren"

"Ren" ("Human being")

"Eurasian Figure"

Ulf Ludzuweit, artist
E-mail: ludzuweit@aol.com


As I finished my study of art at the "university of applied sciences" in Hamburg I was interested in learning more about fine arts by the knowledge of the view of a culture, which is not europeen. So I had the chance for a stay in China at Tongji-university in the year 1988, because chinese artists of Tongji-university helped me organize it. This experience in China at that time impressed me deeply and influenced my artwork of the future.

Through cooperation with the chinese artists Professor Liu Kemin and Professor Yin Jia I learnd basic contents about chinese art.

I am fascinated by the fact, that "realistic art" and "abstract art" were not in an opposite position in China like it had been in Europe in the last century, because Chinese lettering developed from cave painting, so Chinese letters are at least very abstract paintings. And the way, how Chinese letters developed from art, I had the idea to go now the opposite way and to transform a Chinese letter back to artwork again.

The Chinese character for "human being" is "Ren", which consists of only two brush strokes. This I included into paintings I did in China at my first stay at the end of the eighties ("Shanghai", "Hong Kong").

Part of the painting "Shanghai"

Chinese cities impressed me because of the futurism with multi-storeyed buildings and elevated roads, which is not similar in Europe (excluded suburbs in Paris), so I developed an abstract way to express this in my paintings. Because in future there will be more people living in cities than in the countryside, the topic of urbanization of our planet is my favourite subject.

Part of the painting "rush hour"

The final result of my impressions in China is the sculpture "ren" (on the pictures made out of bronze), which can be used as a guide for a guiding system on the ground of EXPO 2010, for example to be guided from pavilion to metro stations.The direction, the sculpture "Ren" is located you have to go as a pedestrian to reach an important place. So the sculpture is a symbol for mankind anywhere in this world, which changed always (in history and also of course today) its place and is not tired of it. Mobility is one of the most important tasks for a modern society.

Step into Harbour City
"Eurasian figure" as a guiding system

My last visits in Shanghai let the idea get born to make a Chinese-German artproject with my partners in Shanghai, to get some of the powerful and positve atmosphere of Shanghai to Hamburg.

Step into Harbour City
Oil Painting "Rainy Shanghai", painted in Shanghai in the year 2003


Place of birth:

1960 in Hamburg, Germany


Internet: www.ludzuweit.de


1983 – 1988
study at university of applied sciences Hamburg,
subject: design, art and illustration, conclusion diploma

painting-restoration at art-studio Petra Boehler, Hamburg

post-graduated art study at Tongji-university,
Shanghai, PR China


since 1990
stage designer and stage-painter at different Hamburg theatre houses (Chamber Plays, Opera House, German Spectacle-House) and for film and television (Studio Hamburg)

since 1993
agreements as a freelancer for stage decorations with Kampnagel-Youth Theatre of Hamburg with Winterhuder Faehrhaus (comedy-theatre) with studio Hamburg (television) and Hamburg overseas-museum

from 2000 to 2002
project-manager and trainer of a media project for web and print media, training of
participants in DTP-software

Lectureship at Tongji-university, Shanghai, for the Chinese-German artproject "Chinator"

since 2001
trainer at People´s University (adult education), subject: drawing, painting and composition

as freelancer orders within the graphic range
(illustrations, logos, posters) for different clients

Illustration muscle  map
Layout Electronic Guide China
Layout Electronic Guide India




"AKT - Shanghai meets Hamburg [Chinator goes EXPO 2010 Shanghai]"
Exhibition with Prof. Liu and Prof. Yin from Tongji-University, Shanghai during ChinaTime in Hamburg at Galery Claudius, Abteistraße 49, 20149 Hamburg , 27. 9. - 18. 10. 2006

"Here we are", shopping mall "ECE-Billstedt-Center", Hamburg, 13. - 18. 1. 2006

"[city pictures / go shanghai] an exhibition about shanghai-hamburg",
paintings from Hamburg and Shanghai at Coffeshop "Absurd", Hamburg St. Pauli,
May 2005

"The city, the screens and me" objects and paintings at art gallery "Schinkelstisch"
Schinkelstr. 12, 22303 Hamburg, January 2005

"Step to Future" July and August 2004, at MERCADO shopping mall, Hamburg (objects, sculptures and paintings)

"Material metamorphosis" September 2000, at “Karstadt”-department store, Hamburg (objects and paintings)

"Welcome to Mahagonny" Exhibition opened on the 2. 3. 2000, the date of the 100. birthday of Kurt Weill (german composer) in Michaelis-hospital in Hamburg and exhibited in october 2000 in cooperation with Hamburg Opera House when Weill´s opera “Mahagonny” was performed

"work of art/work art" August 1999, castle of Reinbek,
participation at a community exhibition of city of Reinbek (near Hamburg)

"Melancholia or the metamorphosis of the material world" April 1999,
„Augustinum“ in Aumuehle (objects)

"Kominau I and II" 1998 and 1999, participation at community exhibitions of “Aumuehler culture club”

"Material/Sculpture/Object" October 1996, gallery "artpiece",
Hamburg (objects and paintings)

"!Mahagonny!" March 1996, “Coffeshop Toklas”, Hamburg

"Highway to Mahagonny" May 1995, “Coffeshop Gnosa”, Hamburg

"The artificial paradise" October 1993, Finnish seamen church in Hamburg

"Pictures from China" April 1990, “Bar Loretta” in Hamburg, September, 1990 “Coffeeshop Bronx”, Dresden

"Below the city" March 1987, drawing and painting, at YMCA Hamburg,
August 1988, at postal savings bank Hamburg,
February 1989, NDR national radio house, Hanover

Artwork of Ulf Ludzuweit is in private art-collections.